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  • Malware writers gunning for Google Android: report

    The Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms have been the proving ground for mobile malware over the past five years, but a new Juniper Networks report states that Google Android now takes "the crown" as the platform getting the most attention from malware developers.

  • IT caught in crossfire when it comes to smartphone privacy

    The news that iPhones, iPads and Android devices secretly track the locations of their owners poses a potentially serious dilemma for IT staffs. If someone's manager asks IT to retrieve that data and hand it over, what should IT do? We certainly have to acknowledge that a device that's used for business purposes but automatically tracks personal information blurs the line between personal and corporate information.

  • Google Android news and rumors for the week ending May 6

    The biggest <a href="">Android</a> stories of the week included RIM's embrace of Android, Sprint pushing the technology into the enterprise and word that Ice Cream Sandwich could be on the way:

  • Android, Chrome to highlight Google I/O developer conference

    Thousands of developers will descend upon San Francisco next week to hear the latest pronouncements from Google, with one of the world's hottest technology companies set to discuss the future of <a href="">Android</a>, Chrome, Google Apps and more.

  • Why You Should Stop Worrying and Let End Users Have iPads

    About 15 years ago, there was a movement in IT to reduce platforms. CIOs wanted to simplify environments that included the odd minicomputer from the 1980s, Unix and Windows servers, PC and Mac desktops and a raft of applications of mixed vintage.

  • Military apps putting iPhone in the battlefield

    While it's unlikely that future wars will be won or lost by <a href="">iPhone</a> <a href="">applications</a>, it's entirely possible that <a href="">Apple</a> <a href="">smartphones</a> deployed in the battlefield could soon be saving lives.

  • Microsoft says it learned key lessons from Windows Phone update fiasco

    Microsoft did not realize how different smartphones are from PCs until recent software updates broke new Windows Phone 7 devices that were already in the hands of cell phone users, Windows Phone Vice President Joe Belfiore explained Wednesday in a keynote address at the MIX11 conference.

  • 2010 was the year of Android, ABI Research shows

    ABI Research unloaded a trove of data on the smartphone market during a webinar today that highlighted <a href="">Android</a>'s dramatic rise over the past year.

  • To top iPhone sales, Microsoft must aim low

    Our colleagues over at IDC caused some chuckles to break out across the tech world when they predicted that Microsoft's Windows phones will beat the iPhone in market share by 2015. Impossible! Absurd! seemed to be the default responses.

  • Google's Andy Rubin tells Android critics to chill

    <a href="">Android</a> pioneer Andy Rubin has a message for developers carping about Android fragmentation: Calm down.