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  • Speculation rife that Nokia will adopt Windows Phone 7

    An analyst's open letter to Nokia's CEO, a former Microsoft executive, has triggered intense speculation that the Finnish phone maker will adopt Windows Phone 7 as the firmware for at least some of its struggling smartphone line.

  • Motorola ATRIX 4G: A new stage for smartphone, PC integration

    With the release of the <a href="">Motorola ATRIX 4G</a>, the line between <a href="">smartphones</a> and personal computers will become a little blurrier.

  • Sophos aims to reduce mobile security risks

    <a href="">Sophos</a> today said it would soon roll out its Mobile Control package that will let enterprise customers apply <a href="">security</a> <a href="">controls to all things mobile</a>, from iPads and iPhones to the <a href="">Android</a>, <a href="">Windows</a> Mobile and Symbian devices.

  • Research roundup: Mobile apps here to stay, Android piques developer interest

    This week has seen a flurry of research released on the mobile world. Among the key findings: the <a href="">mobile app market is set to explode</a>, Android is narrowing the gap with <a href="">iPhone</a> for developer <a href="">interest</a> and tablets are driving increases in computer shipments.

  • IPhones and Droids could speed medical tests, cut costs

    Patients may soon be able to cut health care costs by running blood tests off their <a href="">iPhones</a> and <a href="">Droids</a> and having the results automatically forwarded to their doctors, according to new discoveries by researchers at the University of Rhode Island.

  • Android gains ground at RIM's expense

    While Research in Motion's BlackBerry OS is still the most-used smartphone platform in the United States, it's starting to hear footsteps from Google's Android.

  • Microsoft bashes Apple at CES while previewing next-gen Windows

    Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky took a shot at Apple while previewing the next generation of Windows during CES in Las Vegas, saying users are being inconvenienced because there is no convergence across the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook.

  • Google denies 'line-for-line' Java copying for Android

    Google is denying Oracle's allegation that it directly copied lines of Oracle's Java code for its Android mobile OS, according to a court filing made Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.