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  • Android SDK updated

    The Android software developer's kit (SDK) has been updated with a new user interface and new developer tools, among other changes.

  • Android comes to life in Barcelona

    Google's Android software platform for mobile phones is coming to life in Barcelona, with a number of chip manufacturers showing it running on prototype or proof-of-concept phones at the Mobile World Congress on Monday.

  • ARM to show off Android platform next week at trade show

    ARM will demonstrate Google's Android on an early prototype device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, one of several demonstrations of the mobile platform that will occur at the conference, Google said on Thursday.

  • Google's Android could be a game-changer

    Will the GooglePhone matter? Recently, Google officially unveiled its long-rumoured mobile phone software. Dubbed "Android", the Linux-based software stack is being backed by more than 30 partners, including handset makers Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC, and service providers Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and NTT DoCoMo.

  • Google's got it wrong with Android

    That's right: Google has announced a consortium of companies to develop an "open" mobile device platform, designed to unleash the creativity and innovation heretofore stifled by the major big, bad wireless carriers.

  • China Mobile in talks with Apple to sell iPhone

    China Mobile is in talks with Apple to sell the iPhone in China, the company's CEO said this week. But he's not keen on the type of revenue-sharing model that Apple has insisted on elsewhere in the world.

  • Interoperability an issue for Android: analyst

    Phones built with Google's Android operating system may suffer from a lack of interoperability, and IT executives will probably be wary about supporting multiple devices built with the much-hyped software platform, says Ken Dulaney, a Gartner analyst.