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  • Apple plugs phishing hole on developer website

    The hacker group that flagged a vulnerability on an <a href="">Apple</a> <a href="">development website</a>, a vulnerability that could have led to phishing attacks against Mac OS X, <a href="">iPad</a> and iPad developers, says Apple finally fixed the hole that was identified two months ago.

  • Verisign expands cloud-based DDoS protection

    Citing a rise in the number and scope of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks across the Internet, Verisign is expanding its cloud-based DDoS protection service to cover small and midsize businesses that are increasingly frequent targets.

  • Sony: We encrypted PlayStation Network customers' credit card data

    Sony encrypted credit card numbers but not the other personal information for 77 million of its <a href=";ap1=rcb">PlayStation customers whose data was stolen</a>, according to Sony's daily update about the PlayStation Network hack.

  • Phishing attacks spiked in late 2010

    Phishing attack spiked to 67,677 during the last half of 2010, up from 48,244 in the first half of last year, according to the "Global Phishing Survey 2H2010" report published today.

  • Verizon study: data breaches quintupled in 2010

    Criminals carried out more but smaller data thefts last year than in previous years, indicating a shift toward simpler exploits that run lower risk of punishment, according to Verizon's latest data breach report.

  • First Look: Norton 2012

    Looking to bolster its intrusion-prevention capabilities Symantec today announced the beta versions of its 2012 editions of its consumer-focused Windows-based security products, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security.

  • Sony's 'in for a hell of a wake-up call,' Anonymous says

    <a href="">Anonymous</a> is at it again, this time attacking Sony and its site for gamers, promising to publish personal details about Sony executives online and to unleash a triple wave of botnets against company sites.