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  • Security service on lookout for malware like ZeuS, SpyEye

    Spotting notorious Trojans like SpyEye and <a href="">ZeuS</a> on compromised desktop computers is the goal of a new <a href="">security</a> service from Trusteer.

  • Google still scrambling to recover from DroidDream Android attack

    Last week's revelation that over 50 apps in the <a href="">Google Android market</a> were malware-laden has shaken up Google and the <a href="">security industry</a> to its core.

  • The DDoS Hall of Shame

    Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks like the ones that nailed WordPress blogs in early March have been around for decades, but it's only in the last dozen years that they've had enough impact to grab public attention.

  • Google Android's infected apps spotlight mobile danger

    The Google Android Market for apps is supposed to be an apps showplace, but the fact that Google this week yanked down about 50 Android apps it found out were malicious came as something of a jolt to many in the security industry.

  • Bruised by Anonymous, HBGary Federal pulls out of RSA

    E-mails stolen by hactivist group Anonymous indicate that the security company it targeted was proposing to make a “new breed of rootkit” and that it passed along the plan to a technology firm that caters to the federal government.

  • Symantec looks to protect users from mutating malware

    Symantec today announced the 12th edition of its flagship enterprise desktop anti-malware product, Symantec Endpoint Protection, that looks to go beyond traditional anti-virus signatures to use a cloud-based file-identification system to protect users from virus mutations.

  • Mobile vendor Antenna strengthens Web apps with Volantis buy

    Antenna Software has made the latest acquisition in its bid to create a complete mobility toolset for designing, building, running and managing <a href="">mobile applications</a>, for everything from feature phones to tablets. The vendor is buying UK-based Volantis Systems, which has a set of tools for building mobile Web applications.

  • Sourcefire acquires Immunet for cloud-based anti-malware

    Sourcefire today announced it has acquired start-up Immunet for $21 million, including $17 million paid at closing and $4 million expected to be paid over the next 18 months upon “achievement of product-delivery milestones related to the enterprise version of Immunet’s product.”

  • Spam volumes drop as Rustock, other botnets go quiet

    The infamous Rustock botnet, responsible for almost half of all spam sent last year through its command-and-control system exploiting over a million compromised PCs, has suddenly slowed to a crawl, Symantec said today, noting the unexplained event has led to a substantial drop in spam.