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  • In Pictures: 11 must-have apps for your new Windows Phone

    While the Windows Phone app market continues to mature, there are plenty of good grabs within the 200,000-plus strong ecosystem right now. We've highlighted 11 Windows Phone apps that will make your mobile experience as smooth as Steve Ballmer's scalp.

  • NZ team launches app to order and track taxis

    Zoomy, a free smartphone app, will be launched for consumers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this week, and will enable them to order a taxi through their mobile phones.

  • In Pictures: 16 great iPhone app battles

    The iPhone has become a battleground for a number of popular mobile app categories. In addition to Apple's own native apps, there is an ecosystem of third-party apps--all fighting for a place on your iPhone.

  • Lessons from The Daily's iPad app failure

    The Daily's demise may appear to be a big blow to the future of iPad magazines -- but it shouldn't. Tablet publishers can learn a great deal from The Daily's shortcomings.

  • App review: Clear for iPhone

    Every getting-things-done tool I’ve ever used has had me spend more time creating lists, charts, and tasks than actually doing the things I set out to do.