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  • Microsoft extends SUSE Linux partnership

    Extending a partnership established in 2006, Microsoft has renewed a working agreement to resell SUSE Linux and help develop new Windows interoperability tools for the OS, Microsoft announced Monday.

  • NSW Health calls time on GroupWise

    NSW Health has started preparing the consolidation of all its disparate email systems into one Microsoft Exchange environment for some 200,000 end-users across the state government department with the big loser being Novell’s GroupWise.
    To prepare for the migration, the health support services (HSS) infrastructure office within NSW Health is installing a centralised email archiving system based on Quest Archive Manager specifically for the GroupWise environments.
    The new archiving solution will address “pressing GroupWise storage capacity concerns” and allow the historical GroupWise email to be centrally stored and accessed without a dependency on GroupWise itself.
    HSS anticipates the new email archive system will be switched on in August 2011.
    Last month the NSW Department of Health’s director of e-health and ICT strategy branch Ian Rodgers, said there is a renewed focus on the IT systems and infrastructure strategy which needed to be modernised to support the electronic medical records (EMR)[3] programs.
    Although NSW Health has been planning to migrate to Exchange for some time, this move strikes another blow for Novell’s GroupWise which has to compete with the Microsoft juggernaut both on-premise and in the Cloud. Last year the Australian National Maritime Museum migrated off GroupWise to Exchange in the Cloud.
    Many New Zealand organisations have made the move from GroupWise to Exchange in recent years, including ACC, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Waikato District Health Board.
    Novell was acquired by Attachmate last year.
    - Additional reporting by David Watson

  • Attachmate eyes cloud customers for Suse Linux

    Having closed its $US2.2 billion acquisition of Novell, Attachmate now is eyeing cloud service providers as potential customers for the company's newly acquired Suse Linux platform. The company also plans to continue promoting Suse for deployment on mainframes and as a Unix replacement.
    In an interview on Wednesday afternoon, Attachmate CEO Jeff Hawn noted Suse would be its own separate business unit under the Attachmate umbrella, as would Novell. "We're making Suse its own business unit so it'll be on par with the other three business units." The other two include the Attachmate and NetIQ business units, all under the auspices of the Attachmate Group.
    "Basically, for the service providers and enterprises that are building out the cloud environments, we think we've got a terrific solution for them," Hawn said. Asked about any new features planned for Suse Linux, Hawn said he had nothing specific to say yet but that announcements would be made in coming weeks and months.
    Attachmate also takes control over Novell's Mono business, which has placed Microsoft software development technologies available on non-Windows platforms, such as Linux. The company's Moonlight version of Microsoft's Silverlight rich Internet plugin platform falls under the Mono domain. Hawn was not yet ready to comment on any development plans for Mono. "I haven't sorted through all of that yet."
    For legacy Novell Netware customers, Attachmate expects to restore commitments to support Netware versions in which support was due to be discontinued. "Our philosophy is not to force customers to move from anything," Hawn said. Netware, he said, has "still got a very large, a very loyal installed base and we intend to continue to focus on meeting their needs whether that's in additional offerings on the roadmap, additional support offerings and the like."
    "We are not discontinuing any products," Hawn said. Existing Novell roadmaps remain intact, he said. Attachmate announced its Novell acquisition in November.