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  • Whitelisting not a substitute for antivirus software: analyst

    Whitelisting technology that prevents unauthorized software from running on corporate servers and PCs is a way to prevent malware attacks but managing the package keeps the Burton Group, a division of Gartner, from recommending it as a substitute for traditional antivirus software.

  • Microsoft issues service credits after cloud outage

    Microsoft has been forced to issue service credits to customers affected by recent problems accessing hosted Exchange and SharePoint services, and is promising to improve its system for notifying customers about cloud computing outages.

  • Citrix matches VMware

    Citrix’s hypervisor is the second virtualisation platform to be certified as “production-ready”, according to analyst firm the Burton Group.

  • IT consultants jump on the green bandwagon

    IT research organisations have started weighing in with advice for CIOs, including podcasts, market research and weighty practical guides to cutting datacentre power costs and emissions.