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  • BlackBerry outages hit Europe, Middle East and Asia

    Some BlackBerry users throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia experienced outages or delays for about 12 hours Monday, and appeared to be experiencing a second outage today, according to Twitter feeds from carriers in the U.K. and Egypt and other reports.

  • Red Cross comm team ready for disasters

    While most businesses back up data and records as potential disasters approach, the American Red Cross has a communications and information systems infrastructure built to bring key data into areas ravaged by storms like <a href="">Hurricane Irene</a> .

  • Aging East Coast infrastructure a concern after quake

    The earthquake that shook the East Coast on Tuesday had disaster recovery experts more concerned about how an aging infrastructure could be affected than they were about how large corporations have prepared their business continuity plans.

  • How to Be a Better Leader in a Disaster

    Linda Goodspeed, vice president of IT at Nissan North America, was attending a global IT meeting at her company's head office in Japan on March 11 and was caught in the magnitude 9.0 earthquake. The quake was among the top seven most powerful ever recorded and the strongest ever to hit the country. "People were diving under desks. Women were crying. We could see fire outside," she says. "Window blinds were moving three feet to the left and to the right. I thought the building would fall apart."

  • 4 Steps to Help Your IT Team When Disaster Strikes

    IT leaders who have been through disasters have rethought what to include in <a href="%20">business-continuity plans</a>. Their plans include alternative uses for technology and practical emergency-preparedness measures designed to keep employees cared-for during a crisis. (For more on leadership during a crisis, see " <a href="">How to Be a Better Leader in a Disaster</a>.")

  • BI must become part of broad IT strategy

    LOS ANGELES -- Companies that tie <a href="">business intelligence capabilities</a> to broad IT performance management practices and strategic goals can gain a significant strategic advantage, said analysts and IT managers said at the Gartner BI Summit being held here this week.