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  • Yahoo email suffers partial outage

    Yahoo's email service was struggling Thursday with users around the globe complaining that they've had no access for most of the day.

  • Chip makers start to resume work in Japan

    High-tech companies in Japan are slowly starting to get some of their manufacturing plants up and running after a <a href="">massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami</a> hammered the country nearly two weeks ago.

  • Memory chip prices surge in wake of Japan's quake

    Prices for DRAM and NAND flash memory chips shot up Monday in the wake of Japan's earthquake and tsunami as markets displayed concern over fabrication plant shutdowns, power outages and supply chain shortages.

  • Communication key to post-disaster survival

    Parts of coastal Japan have been so badly hit by earthquakes and tsunamis in recent days that the only communication about other possible dangers such as radioactive fallout from damaged reactors has been one way, coming to residents through portable, battery-operated FM radios.

  • Tsunami warnings now faster, more accurate

    As the deadly tsunami generated by Friday's massive earthquake off the coast of Japan headed toward the United States, scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Center for Tsunami Research tracked its progress in real-time.

  • Japan quake could hit semiconductor production, prices

    Because Japan produces more than 40% of the world's NAND flash memory chips -- and 15% of its DRAM -- the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit today could seriously affect worldwide semiconductor supplies, according to research firms.

  • Wisconsin blizzard vs. data center: How Marquette won

    Marquette University's IT department deployed unified communications tools to improve collaboration among faculty and staff - IT staff collaboration wasn't the priority. But as it turned out, Microsoft's Lync suite of voice, videoconferencing and instant messaging tools proved to be IT's life raft during a snowstorm-related data center calamity.

  • Druva goes live with inSync backup app for enterprises

    Druva, a company that sells enterprise backup software, <a href="">today announced</a> Druva inSync 4.1 Enterprise, an application that the company claims to offer near-instantaneous automated backups of laptops.

  • Low security awareness found across IT

    A broad spectrum of IT people, including those close to <a href="">security</a> functions, appear to have little awareness of key security issues impacting their organizations, a new survey shows.

  • Riverbed creates user interfaces for business managers

    WAN optimization provider Riverbed Technology <a href="">announced Monday</a> a new set of interfaces aimed at helping company executives and business managers understand how well their applications are meeting business service levels.