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  • Southern Cross signs seven customers for NEXT cable

    Southern Cross Southern Cross Cable Network says seven organisations have now signed letters of intent to use its planned Southern Cross NEXT trans Pacific cable. It says these include “three major Australasian carriers and four Pacific islands,” adding: “ Discussions with several other customers showing strong interest are also in progress.”

  • Another broadband cable for NZ?

    A fresh effort is under way to break Southern Cross Cable Network's near-monopoly over New Zealand's international telecommunications.

  • Cable loss would not cut NZ 'net access

    The loss of a portion of the Southern Cross Cable could see New Zealand struggle with internet congestion for up to 10 days, but would not shut internet access down completely, according to the Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP).

  • Telstra unveils submarine cable to US

    Telstra has unveiled the beginning of an international connectivity strategy with the announcement of a new wholly-owned submarine cable connecting Australia to the US.