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  • NYSE Launches Cloud Service for Wall Street

    NYSE Euronext's technology division this month <a href="">announced</a> what it called the first cloud service for the financial services industry.

  • Startup targets flash memory latency

    Plenty of hardware vendors are pushing out Solid State Disk products to speed up data access. Now a startup is emerging from stealth mode with server software designed to make it easier to use SSD with existing storage systems and applications.

  • NYSE launches VMware-based cloud for financial firms

    The New York Stock Exchange has built a VMware-based cloud computing service for financial firms, which goes live today from a data center in New Jersey with expansions planned for Toronto, Tokyo and London.

  • Mu Dynamics extends app testing to groups of apps

    Mu Dynamics has extended its application testing software to recreate the current mix of <a href="">applications</a> in production and then test these as a group to see how they affect the network and each other.

  • Lehman administrators make history in solemn system shutdown

    The administrators of Lehman Brothers' European operations have fully separated its IT from Barclays Capital and Nomura - which bought parts of the collapsed bank in 2008 - as they finalised steps in the remaining businesses to retire what had been cutting edge systems.

  • Companies pick and choose which data breaches to report

    One in 7 information technology companies have not reported <a href="">data breaches</a> or losses to outside government agencies, authorities or stockholders.

  • Is EMC/RSA poised to buy NetWitness?

    Industry rumor is building this week that RSA, the <a href="">security</a> division of EMC, is poised to acquire NetWitness, a privately-held company whose flagship product is used by U.S. government agencies and in the enterprise to detect and analyze security threats.

  • Next iPhone and iPad may be delayed 2 to 3 months

    The expected launch of both the next iPhone and iPad may be delayed by two to three months, according to technology analysts at investments firms. Apple is still sorting out supply chain issues for iPhone 5, says one, and the iPad 2 has run into "production bottlenecks," says the second.

  • Three ways to find fresh IT ideas on the cheap

    Discovering IT innovations that you can apply to your business can be a disorganized and frustrating process. The hottest technology may be inappropriate for your business needs. It's time-consuming to identify and validate new technology with limited IT resources. In addition, traditional ways to learn about useful technologies, such as IT conferences and research reports, may not provide enough proven ideas that are good matches for your business needs.