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  • Google workers push to stop censored Chinese search project

    More than 200 employees comprising engineers, designers and managers at Google published an open letter on Tuesday, demanding that the company end development of a censored search engine for Chinese users, escalating earlier protests against the secretive project.

  • Anonymous to protest against Facebook censorship

    A post at Anonnews.org, a website associated with hacktivist movement Anonymous, has called for a new 'Op', this time calling on Facebook users to protest against the social networking giant’s alleged censorship.

  • US military plotted revenge on Wikileaks

    The US military was so fearful of classified information ending up on Wikileaks it considered ways to undermine the organisation, a newly published secret report on the site appears to show.

  • US govt to push harder against web censorship

    The US Department of State will launch several new initiatives focused on fighting Internet censorship, including working with businesses and other groups to develop mobile applications that help residents of countries with repressive governments report problems, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says.

  • In censorship's muddy waters you don't know what's filtered

    An law expert is warning that under the Australian government's proposed mandatory internet content filtering scheme Australians will have no way of finding out what "illegal" content has been censored and blocked online, while Greens Senator Scott Ludlam is voicing his concern over communications minister Stephen Conroy's ambiguity regarding exactly what content will or won't be blocked, and who will be able to opt-out of the filtering.