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  • The case for continuity

    Even ethical, rational, well-designed and necessary change initiatives sometimes encounter cynicism and resistance.

  • Altering perceptions

    How do you distill the essence of good and bad change management into 1000 words? You quiz Dr Darl Kolb, a lecturer at Auckland University's business school, and hope he doesn't charge too much.

  • IT managers should 'follow The Prince'

    Never mind touchy-feely management textbooks, use 16th-century philosopher Machiavelli as your guru, argues change management specialist Peter Dazely (pictured).

  • Change is here to stay

    Not so long ago people often had one job for life. To a younger generation it may seem odd that anyone would want to work for the same company for more than a few years. For generations yet to be born, who knows what the norm will be?