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  • Chrome OS runs the table at Pwnium 3

    Hackers at the CanSecWest event in Vancouver couldn't break Google's latest version of Chrome OS in the company's Pwnium 3 contest, leaving the $3.14159 million (yes, that's Pi, for those keeping track at home) in prize money untouched.

  • Ex-Googler gives views on planned Chrome OS

    I think a lightweight, browser-only operating system has been a long-time coming. It's the actualisation of what the network computer dream has been; albeit with the predictable concessions that the network isn't always available, and you need something resident on the machine itself to make it useful. But I was still surprised when hearing NPR lead off its morning newscast with "Google's attack on Microsoft". Is it going to displace the Microsoft Windows desktops in most companies? Is it a harbinger of a new computing model? Here is what I think we'll see happen in the next 18 to 24 months.
    Is Google the only one that benefits?

  • Intel is working with Google on Chrome OS

    The world's largest chip maker is working with Google on the Chrome operating system and has been privy to the project for some time, a spokesman for the company said Friday.