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  • Sprint confirms plan to buy rest of Clearwire for $2 billion

    Sprint today formally announced its plan to shell out $2.1 billion to buy the remaining 49% of Clearwire that it doesn't already own. The move gives Sprint direct access to Clearwire's extensive spectrum portfolio, just as the carrier is set to reap some $20 billion on cash from its acquisition by SoftBank.

  • In Chicago, a 4G coming-of-age party

    CHICAGO -- Carriers, chipset makers and device manufactures this week threw something of a coming-of-age party on behalf of <a href="">4G</a> <a href="">wireless</a> technologies.

  • Sprint speeds LTE rollout, now starting in mid-2012

    Sprint officials today announced an accelerated rollout of LTE wireless technology on Friday -- and said that it will continue to support its millions of Wimax smartphone and device customers beyond 2012.

  • Clearwire's new CEO faces big challenges in the LTE race

    Clearwire has a new chief, announcing today it has promoted current COO Eric Prusch to the twin posts of president and CEO. The announcement comes at a critical time in the company's plan to create a <a href="">state-of-the-art 4G</a> <a href="">wireless</a> network.

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