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  • Viewpoint: When it comes to enterprise security, is it better to focus on compliance or risk?

    A CIO once quipped, "Security isn't hard, compliance is." And in fact many companies focus their security efforts on meeting compliance requirements. But if you are audit compliant, have you in fact addressed all of your risks, or are you just kidding yourself? Is it better to focus on the risks presuming that doing so will cover you off on the compliance side? Network World Editor in Chief put the question to two practitioners, both of whom come down on the side of risk.

  • EMC Offers Online File Sharing With On-Premise Storage Product

    EMC is building on its acquisition of the Syncplicity file-sharing and collaboration service by combining it with its Isilon scale-out NAS to provide the enterprise what the storage giant claims provides the convenience of a cloud-based file-sharing service with the administrative and governance capabilities of an on-premise solution.

  • Many global organizations flub electronic-records requests

    More companies are tackling how to best set up their electronic records to be able to respond to any legal requests related to "electronic discovery" to quickly find internal documents for court purposes, but this "e-discovery" process is still a struggle, a survey published today indicates.

  • Keeping up with PCI hasn't improved much: Verizon

    Businesses aren't getting much better at meeting payment card industry (<a href="">PCI</a>) standards year-to-year, perhaps because they get cocky about passing one year and figure they will breeze through the next, according to a study by Verizon PCI and Risk Intelligence teams.

  • Black Hat: Apple does well but Microsoft does better with enterprise security

    While still not great, the operating systems behind Apple desktops, laptops and phones are getting more secure, <a href="">researchers at Black Hat</a>  say.While not recommended for corporate use unless it’s in islands within larger networks, the OSX operating system has made strides, says Alex Stamos, who lead a team of researchers from iSec Partners that researched the OSX and Windows 7 operating systems.

  • Financial services firms increasing IT spending: survey

    IT execs in the financial services industry say they plan to increase tech spending and use more <a href="">managed services</a> as they struggle to process data faster, less expensively and more reliably.