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  • Consumer tech at work a threat and an opportunity

    Last week, I saw a plug-and-play web camera. OK, you've seen things called that before, but this was different. It works like this: You plug a gateway device into a network. You switch on the battery-powered camera. You push one button. Now you have a palm-sized device beaming live images onto your network.

  • Consumer tech a blessing for small business IT

    During Altiris' user conference in April, I watched a lunch panel discuss the "consumerisation of IT" and whether that's a good thing. My initial thought was that it was probably bad for enterprises that want to control everything, but may be good for smaller businesses.

  • What the enterprise can learn from consumer technology

    Today’s corporate end-users are far more tech-savvy than their productivity with IT tools indicates. After all, screen-deep in instant messages, widgets, and elaborate consumer web applications, they’re proving themselves well-versed in the production and distribution of content as facilitated by the consumer Web 2.0 craze. Yet to utilise this hidden expertise in an enterprise setting requires a deeper understanding of what draws end-users to these technologies and how these consumer technologies are reshaping end-users’ technology expectations in the workplace.