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  • Spark to take ownership of all 26 retail stores

    ​Spark has revealed plans to take ownership of all 26 Spark consumer stores from dealer partners, saying the move will enable it to showcase its digital experience offerings in an interactive retail environment.

  • Vodafone fined $268,231 over Broadband Lite promotion

    Telecommunications provider, Vodafone, has repaid NZ customers a total of $268,231 following complaints of inadequate information and improper charges surrounding its Broadband Lite promotion which attracted more than 146,000 users.

  • From enterprise to SMB to consumer

    One of the most noticeable trends in the ICT industry over the past few years has been the shift by many vendors from targeting large enterprise customers to seeking sales among small to medium-sized businesses.

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  • iPad tips and tricks for creating content

    The iPad is known for consuming content, not creating it. But there are hidden features and short-cuts for the keyboard, within email and in Safari that make creating content on an iPad faster and easier than you think.