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  • Giving networks a polish can save money

    Of all of the ongoing expenses needed to keep corporate IT running, network-related costs are perhaps the most unwieldy. New technologies, changing requirements and ongoing equipment maintenance and upgrades keep IT staff on their toes and money flowing out the door. But there are ways to manage network costs.

  • Calculating SaaS costs isn't so simple

    This week I thought as a public service I would lay out the real cost of deploying a SaaS (software as a service) solution, starting with a look at two major SaaS providers, and NetSuite, both of which offer CRM solutions.

  • Direct-current model slashes power costs

    Of all the waste in the typical datacentre, none is as often overlooked as the series of steps that convert power back and forth from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). My Ton, senior project manager at environmental consulting firm Ecos Consulting, aims to change that. Ton says companies can cut power usage by more than 20% by retooling their datacentres to run on DC.

  • IT energy costs: The quiet budget killer

    Most IT organisations calculate their standard infrastructure expenses based on servers, telecommunications gear and desktops. Few consider the cost of the electricity required to power and cool the equipment. With today's rising energy prices, companies can no longer ignore the cost of power. In some markets, the electricity bill for a server facility can run four to six times the cost of renting the building space.

  • How much will you need to spend?

    Worried about being an e-jit if you're not into e-business? You're not alone as the e-word goes for world domination in an increasingly online marketplace. But how much will it cost? Anna Wallis reports.