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  • Eight organisations score grants for cyber safety initiatives

    Netsafe, an independent, non-profit organisation focused on online safety, has awarded grants to eight projects that aim to combat online abuse, bullying and harassment in New Zealand in the first round of its annual online safety partnership grant program.

  • Netsafe launches anti-cyberbullying service

    Netsafe, a non-profit organisation set up to safe and responsible use of online technologies, has launched its cyberbullying, online abuse and online harassment service saying recent research shows more than 50 percent of New Zealanders are concerned about cyber safety and cyber security.

  • Two in five Kiwi kids harmed by cyber crime

    Two in five Kiwi kids have been harmed by cyber crime or a negative online situation between 2012 and 2013. What’s more, 57 per cent of NZ children that were such victims admit to hiding what they do online from adults.