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  • TomorrowNow litigation drags SAP Q4 profits down

    SAP saw revenue rise 27 percent in the fourth quarter but profits dropped by more than a third due to increased provisions linked to litigation with Oracle related to its former TomorrowNow unit, the company said Wednesday.

  • EMC-Greenplum deal could precede more consolidation

    EMC's announcement this week of plans to purchase data warehousing vendor Greenplum represents a harbinger of things to come for that market, as well as related areas like BI (business intelligence) and data integration, according to some analysts.

  • Solving the data loss prevention puzzle

    A company can buy every top-of-the-line security product known to man, but it won't make a difference for data loss prevention (DLP) unless end users are educated on their own role. Technology is indeed critical to DLP, but security experts say user awareness is key to keeping sensitive data safe from online predators.
    "DLP is a process first. The technology is simply an enabler for the automation of the process," said Rick Lawhorn, a Richmond, Virginia-based chief security officer. "The process needs to include education and awareness training and cover human resources, records management and compliance. The objective is to continuously train data owners and data custodians (the employees) on the company policies to reduce instances of non-compliance."