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  • Oracle hands Hudson to Eclipse

    Having irked the open source community with its handling of the Project Hudson continuous integration server inherited from Sun Microsystems, Oracle abruptly changed course earlier this week and handed Hudson over to the open source Eclipse Foundation. Oracle's move is being viewed by proponents of Jenkins, a fork of Hudson, as a validation of their own efforts. But a reunification of the two projects appears doubtful at the moment, and Jenkins advocates wonder if Oracle has legal clearance to donate Hudson.

  • Open source more than hot air for gift e-tailer

    Gift retailer RedBalloon Days prides itself on delivering experiences for people. And, since is formation in 2001, the company’s rapid rise can be attributed to building its applications on top of open source software, says its founder.

  • Eclipsing the future: .Net rivalry today and tomorrow

    The Eclipse Foundation has established itself as a premier open source software tools project. The organisation has gained support from vendors ranging from IBM (which helped found Eclipse in 2001) to Borland Software, BEA Systems, and seemingly every other major player in the software industry except Sun Microsystems and Microsoft.