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  • EC pushes for overhaul after carbon trading scandals

    The European Commission has called for a series of reviews to beef up the security of the European carbon market following a <a href="">series of cyber frauds</a>.

  • Open-source advocate enters IBM antitrust fray

    Software developer and political lobbyist Florian Mueller weighed in on the European Commission's investigation of monopoly abuse claims against IBM, accusing the computing giant of deserting the interests of the open-source software community.

  • EC, Microsoft settlement broadly welcomed

    Microsoft's successful settlement of its antitrust issues with the European Commission was welcomed by the software company's foes and friends alike Wednesday, with many hailing the moment as a turning point for the computer industry.

  • EC opens deeper probe of Oracle-Sun merger

    The European Commission opened an in-depth investigation into Oracle's planned $7.4 billion takeover of Sun Microsystems Thursday, citing concerns about the deal's effect on competition in the market for databases.

  • Microsoft and EC prepare for antitrust showdown

    More than two years have passed since Europe&#8217;s top antitrust authority, the European Commission, found Microsoft guilty of monopoly abuse, fined it &#8364;497 million (NZ$981 million) and ordered it to change the way it sells software across the European Union.

  • EC: telcos should be paid for helping tackle terrorism

    The European Commission is proposing telecommunications operators and internet service providers should be compensated for the extra costs of collecting and storing call data to help law enforcement officers track terrorists.

  • EU looking into complaints against Microsoft

    The European Union's antitrust authority has confirmed that it's analysing &quot;informal complaints&quot; against Microsoft over its business practices. The complaints by industry rivals are separate from those that led the European Commission to impose a fine on Microsoft and order it to unbundle Media Player from Windows and ensure that competing products interoperate with its workgroup server software.

  • EC may extend competition rules to cable companies

    The European Commission is considering extending the reach of rules to ensure fair competition among high speed internet providers to include cable companies as well as the large former telecom monopolies, a spokesman says.