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  • Isis wireless carriers back off separate mobile payment network

    Isis, a consortium of three major U.S. wireless carriers, has reportedly decided to back off plans for a new, separate mobile payment network and will instead work within traditional systems that include major credit card processors such as Visa and MasterCard for mobile transactions.

  • Government made me do it, imprisoned TJX hacker claims

    Convicted hacker Albert Gonzalez, who is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to the massive hacks at TJX, Heartland and numerous retailers, now claims that he thought he was authorized and directed by the government to carry out the illegal activities.

  • CommBank CIO advocates shared infrastructure

    CIOs should focus on content creation while sharing non-core infrastructure with other institutions, according to Commonwealth Bank group executive for enterprise services and CIO, Michael Harte.

  • VeriFone seeks recall of Square credit card readers

    In a highly unusual move, electronic payment vendor VeriFone Wednesday said it found a 'gaping' security hole in a free plug-in mobile credit card reader from Square, a startup launched by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

  • Corporate data breach average cost hits $7.2 million

    The cost of a <a href=";hpg1=mp">data breach</a> went up to $7.2 million last year up from $6.8 million in 2009 with the average cost per compromised record in 2010 reaching $214, <a href="">up 5% from 2009</a>.

  • Cross-ocean clouds gain despite millisecond delays

    Just over a year ago, Tohru Futami, CIO and managing director at AIG Edison Life Insurance Co. in Japan, knew that his company needed to upgrade its core applications -- the systems were seven years old and often didn't let the back office and the sales staff share information in a timely manner. Furthermore, some of the company's processes were still paper-based.

  • London Stock Exchange tackles closing auction system problem

    The London Stock Exchange has taken steps to resolve a <a href="">system problem</a> that occurred at 4.30pm yesterday (Tuesday), which saw a delay to the start of the closing auction and knocked out automatic trades during a 42 second period.

  • Should you file taxes on your smartphone?

    It's almost March and that means tax day is marching relentlessly closer. As always, the major providers of tax prep software have tweaked their offerings and are competing for your business.

  • Bank payments systems set for overhaul

    Banks in New Zealand are having to make changes to the operation of their retail payments systems, because of a new Reserve Bank requirement to settle retail transactions five times a day -- as opposed to the once-a-day settlement that currently occurs.