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  • Adobe to add 3D capability to Flash

    Adobe Systems has started work to bring 3D to its Flash platform, and will preview the technology at the company's upcoming developer conference in October.

  • Adobe evangelist tells Apple: 'Go screw yourself'

    Responding to a change in the licensing terms for developers building applications for version 4.0 of the iPhone, a technology evangelist for Adobe Systems has told Apple to go perform an anatomically impossible act.

  • The iPad makes demands on Web developers

    Web developers behind the sites on Apple's approved list of iPad-ready online destinations have confronted an issue that the device-maker is forcing to the fore: are official World Wide Web Consortium standard languages sufficient tools to deliver cutting edge functionality, or do plug-ins lead the way in design innovation?

  • Silverlight, Flash can live with HTML5

    The HTML5 specification could be a game-changer in the rich internet application realm, but representatives of Microsoft and Adobe Systems, both of which have proprietary plug-ins for web applications, are confident in their companies' web strategies.

  • Kiwi websites recognised at SXSW Web Awards

    A technology conference may seem an unlikely place for Kiwi musicians to excel, but at SXSW, in Austin, Texas, the websites of two Kiwi bands and a local music festival were recognised among five finalists in the conference's web awards.

  • Virgin America ditches Flash on its site

    An unlikely combatant barged into the skirmish over the future of Flash on Tuesday: Virgin America. The airline unveiled its new website, which replaces the use of Adobe's technology with similar HTML-based capabilities.

  • Google readies Flash for Android devices

    Google will soon add the capability to play Flash videos to its Android mobile phone OS, Google product manager Eric Tseng announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

  • Kiwi talent shy about products, says Xero developer

    Back in 2000, developer Philip Fierlinger was scouring the world for a new home. Based in San Francisco at the time, a friend tried to get him to move to Sydney, but he was underwhelmed by the calibre of work there.

  • Toybox: Acrobat 9 updates the PDF

    Some people have criticised Adobe Acrobat for being slow and old-fashioned, and for not keeping up with today’s fast-moving internet age. But, the release of Acrobat 9 could put an end to such criticism.

  • Adobe opens up Flash, partners with many

    Adobe Systems has opened up access to its Flash technology via the Open Screen Project, an industry initiative intended to provide a Flash-based unified runtime environment for rich content across all devices.