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  • Web apps eroding MS Word franchise: study

    Companies may use Microsoft Word for word processing out of habit rather than necessity and are beginning to consider other alternatives, as the web has changed the way people create and share documents, according to a Forrester Research report.

  • Forrester analysts give tips on licence negotiations

    IT vendors may be growing increasingly desperate amid the global economic downturn, but customers must employ a range of tactics — not just bullying — to extract cost savings from them, a group of Forrester Research analysts said during a recent client teleconference, echoing the views of MarketShare's Jim Geisman in the previous article.

  • Consolidation in management software likely: Forrester

    The days of referring to the leading management software vendors as the "big four" are numbered, industry watchers predict, as challengers to BMC, CA, HP and IBM now include a variety of competitors, ranging from starts-up to software giants such as Microsoft and Oracle.

  • IT spending in US to increase: Forrester

    Despite the turmoil on Wall Street, US spending on IT will increase more than previously expected, though the outlook for 2009 is dimming, according to Forrester Research.

  • IT cultures must fit with company values: survey

    As many as 85% of respondents to a recent survey believe the culture of an IT department can differ from the overall culture of a firm. The survey, titled "Does your IT culture need an overhaul?", was carried out by Forrester Research.

  • Populism will drive the next IT wave: Forrester

    The next wave of change within IT organisations will be fuelled by the proliferation of consumer devices, social networking tools and cloud-based collaboration services, according to a report by Forrester Research.

  • IT consultants jump on the green bandwagon

    IT research organisations have started weighing in with advice for CIOs, including podcasts, market research and weighty practical guides to cutting datacentre power costs and emissions.