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  • 12 hot security start-ups you need to know

    The willingness to invest in new security start-ups is continuing at such a breakneck pace that start-ups still in stealth mode are getting snapped up by more established players before they even publicly introduce their security products and services.

  • Three security startups you should keep an eye on

    Security start-ups Skyfence Networks and Zimperium made their official debut today, while another still in stealth mode, Bluebox Security, announced this week additional funding bringing it to a $27.5 million in venture capital.

  • Juniper announces Firefly Suite for virtual-machine security

    Juniper today announced its Firefly Suite for virtual-machine security, a set of software-based products for VMware and KVM that contain the security and switching capabilities found in Juniper's SRX Series Services Gateway, as well as Junos Space Virtual Director.

  • Cloudmark tackles IPv6

    <a href="">Cloudmark</a> is among the first messaging vendors to tackle the vexing issues related to integrating large-scale e-mail services with the next-generation Internet Protocol called <a href="">IPv6</a>. 

  • Clearwire's new CEO faces big challenges in the LTE race

    Clearwire has a new chief, announcing today it has promoted current COO Eric Prusch to the twin posts of president and CEO. The announcement comes at a critical time in the company's plan to create a <a href="">state-of-the-art 4G</a> <a href="">wireless</a> network.

  • Wireless gateway marries Wi-Fi, cellular; eases authentication, billing

    Ruckus Wireless has taken a big step in making Wi-Fi hotspots an integrated part of a mobile operators wireless connectivity. The company announced at Mobile World Congress a new wireless gateway that can manage vast numbers of access points and clients, while integrating critical task like authenticating, securing and billing with the core cellular network.

  • Acer to acquire Gateway

    Acer plans to acquire Gateway in a deal worth US$710 million (NZ$994 million) that Acer says will make it the world's third-largest PC vendor.