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  • Spark launches cloud contact centre on AWS

    Spark has launched a cloud contact centre service from Genesys that combines inbound and outbound calling, email, web chat, social media and fax and that enables a single view of customer interactions across all these channels.

  • Meridian call centre credits Genesys following quakes

    Meridian Energy’s contact centre operation was “fortunate” that its technology, based on Genesys software, was flexible enough to allow the operation to be moved when Meridian’s building collapsed in the February Christchurch earthquake, says Tony Sumner, who heads the contact centre.

  • BNZ eyes voice prints for customer ID

    The BNZ bank is looking at implementing a speech-driven navigation system and voice-print customer identifier developed by its parent the National Australia Bank, according to NAB developer Sam Jackel.

  • Genesys focusing on geo-tracking in APAC

    Genesys, best known for its contact-centre software, is exploring the broader market of location-sensitive “geo-tracking” applications and other individual information about the user to make communication with their mobile devices more personally relevant.

  • Customers ponder web-centric contact centre

    Representatives from Telstra and Westpac hailed the arrival of web integration into the call centre at Genesys Laboratories’ user conference in Melbourne this month, but stopped short of committing themselves to web integration in their own organisations.