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  • Audi and GM are putting LTE in new cars

    Car makers such as Audi and GM are integrating LTE wireless technology in their new models, offering customers faster access to the Internet but not much choice since they have both signed deals with AT&T.

  • GM's OnStar feels heat, reverses controversial privacy changes

    Only a few days after it made what U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) called "<a href="">brazen" changes to its privacy policy</a>, General Motors subsidiary OnStar has backed down and said it would revert back to its previous terms of service.

  • Dow Jones replacement of GM with Cisco is momentous

    It's official: General Motors is off the Dow Jones Index, and Cisco takes its place. The transition is more than just a dry Wall Street accounting manoeuvre: From a cultural, economic, and societal perspective, it marks a seismic shift in how our world is organised.

  • GM globalisation makes vendors work together

    In 2003, General Motors CIO Ralph Szygenda saw the company's future through a global lens. At the time, GM's business leaders were getting serious about globalisation, and they recognised the need to seamlessly manufacture and distribute products across geographies. The notion of creating a complementary set of common IT business processes worldwide was already a gleam in Szygenda's eye, says Dan McNicholl, chief strategy officer for GM's IT organisation.