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  • Google Wave becomes Wave in a Box

    Google Wave, the social networking service recently cancelled by Google, will morph into an application bundle for real-time collaboration, a Google engineer said this week.

  • Google Wave code to live on

    Although Google Wave will go down as one of Google's few high-profile failures to date, the innovative collaboration tool did attract a small group of dedicated followers who hope it will live on as an open source project.

  • Google makes Wave widely available

    Google will make its Wave collaboration and communication tool available to anyone who wants to try it out on Wednesday at its I/O developer conference.

  • SAP readying potential Google Wave rival

    SAP is planning to release a "virtual war room" decision-making tool dubbed Constellation, which could be a potential rival to Google's heralded Wave collaboration platform.

  • Aussie devs make Wave with Google Web Toolkit

    Google's latest offering, the Web-based real-time collaboration suite dubbed Wave, began life in Sydney, Australia, as a start-up project built with Google's open source Web Toolkit project.