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  • Google's Schmidt resigns from Apple's board

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt will resign from Apple's board of directors, three months after new reports that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission was checking whether the companies violated antitrust laws by having two directors in common: Schmidt and former Genetech CEO Arthur Levinson.

  • Ex-Googler gives views on planned Chrome OS

    I think a lightweight, browser-only operating system has been a long-time coming. It's the actualisation of what the network computer dream has been; albeit with the predictable concessions that the network isn't always available, and you need something resident on the machine itself to make it useful. But I was still surprised when hearing NPR lead off its morning newscast with "Google's attack on Microsoft". Is it going to displace the Microsoft Windows desktops in most companies? Is it a harbinger of a new computing model? Here is what I think we'll see happen in the next 18 to 24 months.
    Is Google the only one that benefits?

  • Intel working with Google on new OS

    The world's largest chip maker is working with Google on the Chrome operating system and has been privy to the project for some time, a spokesman for the company said.

  • Google opens attack on Lotus Notes

    Google yesterday set its sights on IBM, unveiling a tool to migrate Lotus Notes users to Google Apps and releasing a whitepaper laying out how to migrate Notes applications to Google's online infrastructure.

  • Intel is working with Google on Chrome OS

    The world's largest chip maker is working with Google on the Chrome operating system and has been privy to the project for some time, a spokesman for the company said Friday.

  • Are Schmidt's days numbered on Apple's board?

    Google's CEO Eric Schmidt said that he will talk to Apple about his role on its board of directors, in light of recent news that Google will get into the operating system business, reports Reuters.
    "I'll talk to the Apple people. At the moment, there's no change," Schmidt said in a briefing with reporters at a technology conference in Sun Valley, Idaho on Thursday.

  • Google OS may force Microsoft to reinvent Windows

    Google's Chrome OS won't be an immediate threat to Windows, but it may force Microsoft to reinvent its operating system more quickly into a product that takes full advantage of the Web and can move more nimbly across devices and form factors, analysts said.

  • Google OS could put the squeeze on other Linux flavours

    Much of the discussion around Google's new PC operating system has focused on a looming battle with Windows, but the biggest losers could be other Linux OSes that have been enjoying some moderate success on netbooks, industry analysts said.

  • Google has muscle for long-term battle with Windows

    As Google acknowledges that its engineers are working on an operating system for netbooks and PCs, analysts say it's the company in the best position to take on Microsoft and its vaunted Windows software.

  • Google scrubs Apps clean of beta labels

    Google will drop the "beta" label from Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Talk in one fell swoop on Tuesday to rid its Apps communication and collaboration suite of this problematic tag that spooks many IT managers and CIOs.

  • Google 3D API

    Google has updated its O3D API for building rich, interactive 3D applications in a browser, tuning it for different types of hardware.