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  • How much does spam cost you?

    How much is spam costing your company? To answer that question, Google has unveiled a nifty little calculator to help add it up.

  • Google opens search engine to PDFs

    Google has taken another step in its effort to shed light on the so-called "Dark Web" with an announcement that its engine can now search scanned documents in Adobe Systems' PDF format.

  • Google introduces SLA for Apps

    Google is offering a service-level agreement for a version of Google Apps, a move that may provide some comfort to enterprises spooked by a long Gmail outage and a buggy Apps portal last month.

  • WSJ: Yahoo, Google revise plan

    Yahoo and Google have revised the terms of their search advertising deal to ease concerns that have stalled its approval by the US Department of Justice, according to a report on the Wall Street Journal's Web site on Monday.

  • Windows 7 sees MS taking aim at Google

    After some details were unveiled at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference last week, the outline of the new operating system is taking shape. What you won't see when that alpha comes out is the way that Microsoft will try to use Windows 7 as a Trojan horse in its war against Google.

  • How will Android compare to the iPhone?

    Google's Android is an open-source operating system meant to give smart phone manufacturers a powerful platform on which to base their phones. It's even been touted as a challenger to Apple's iPhone OS.

  • Google lets users search like it's 2001

    As part of Google's ongoing 10th anniversary celebration, the company is providing access to a 2001 version of the Google search index, allowing users to search the Web circa January 2001.

  • Google looks to NZ businesses

    Google is seeking a stake in the local enterprise IT market through a partnership announced last month with Fronde.