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  • Chrome at 10 days: after a quick peak, use stabilises

    Ten days after Google launched Chrome, the new browser's share of those using it to reach Computerworld's US website has dropped from a peak of 9.7% right after it was released and stabilised at between 5% and 6%.

  • Google announces browser via comic book

    Google announced its web browser Chrome in the unconventional guise of a 38-page comic book last week. According to the comic, drawn by acclaimed comic artist and writer Scott McCloud, the forthcoming open-source browser is based on the open-source rendering engine WebKit, the same engine used by Apple's Safari browser and Google's own Android mobile-phone operating system.

  • Google browser aimed at Microsoft

    Google's unveiling of a new browser is not really about trying to outmuscle the other top browsers; rather, it's a key weapon in the company's effort to kill Windows, according to industry observers.

  • Google brings out big guns in support of Chrome

    Google's famed cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin came out to support Chrome, saying that browser technology is fundamental to the company's success, so Google decided to get more involved in this area.

  • Why Google has lost its mojo lately

    Google has gone from innovative upstart to fat-and-happy industry leader in what seems like record time. Put simply, the search giant has lost its mojo. That's good news for Microsoft, and it could affect how you use Google's cloud computing services.

  • Forum: Is beta software really enterprise class?

    A lot of the buzz in ICT is around the new(ish) concept of cloud computing, the idea that you simply subscribe to an IT or application service over the internet rather than develop and/or deliver it in-house.

  • Google sued for patent infringement

    GraphOn, a developer of server-based application publishing and web-enabling software, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Google's Base, AdWords, Sites and YouTube services infringe on four GraphOn patents.

  • Aussies strike it rich with $20m Google buyout

    Australian entrepreneurs Ryan Junee, Julian Frumar and Simon Ratner are laughing all the way to the bank as their online video start-up Omnisio was acquired by Google for US$15 million (NZ$20 million) in cash.