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  • Web threatens traditional news organisations

    The internet is a threat to traditional news organisations, which no longer have the advantage of being the first to report breaking news online, according to a Harvard University study (pdf) released last week.

  • Google's culture of convenience

    Google is getting rid of its 2038 cookies. That’s the year 2038, when web browser cookies created by its websites over the past decade were set to expire. From now on, Google’s cookies will only last for two years from the date of your last visit to a Google site.

  • Google buys Grand Central

    Google has acquired GrandCentral Communications, which lets users combine all their phone numbers and voicemail boxes under one phone number so they can manage various phone features online. For example, users can set up their accounts so that the number can ring on one or multiple phones, based on who is calling.

  • Google pushes court on Microsoft search

    Google has escalated its antitrust battle with Microsoft by questioning its rival's promised changes to Windows Vista search and asking a federal judge to extend oversight to make sure Microsoft follows through.

  • Antitrust judge favours Microsoft search agreement

    A US judge said yesterday she will likely defer to an agreement on desktop search forged between Microsoft and the plaintiffs in the US government's antitrust lawsuit against the software vendor, instead of responding to a complaint from rival Google.

  • A Kiwi sits 'on the edge of tomorrow' at Google

    Josh Bailey’s Kiwi accent is barely detectable. The San Francisco-based employee of internet behemoth Google says if you don’t pronounce the letter R the American way “they won’t understand you”.

  • Google’s year-long shopping spree in review

    Google is expanding seemingly by the minute, and acquisitions are playing a big role in its quest to rule the technology world. Earlier this month, Google said it plans to buy a photo-sharing website called Panoramio and confirmed the acquisition of security software vendor GreenBorder Technologies.