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  • Google beta 'security risk'

    Google Desktop 3 beta poses a security risk to many companies and use of the software should be tightly controlled, says Gartner.

  • Google updates desktop web search application

    Google has released a new beta version of its free, downloadable PC and web search application that expands the functionality of the product’s Sidebar feature, a panel that provides information from a variety of sources.

  • Microsoft eyeing deal to rival Google-AOL

    Microsoft may be cooking up a major internet partnership to rival Google's newly bolstered relationship with American Online (AOL), according to a blog posting by a Microsoft manager.

  • Google pays US$1 billion for 5% of AOL

    After flirting for months with Google competitors, America Online has reached a deal with the Mountain View, California, search-engine giant that expands their years-long technology and advertising partnership and ends advances from suitors, particularly Microsoft.

  • India wants Google Earth Kashmir correction

    India has objected to Google's depiction of a portion of Kashmir as a part of Pakistan on Google Earth, says Rao Inderjit Singh, India's minister of state for external affairs.

  • IBM and Google link up

    IBM has made available for free a plug-in that integrates its WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition enterprise search system with Google's enterprise desktop search tool.

  • Google CEO brushes off lawsuit

    A lawsuit filed against Google last week by a group of publishers alleging copyright infringement over its plan to scan and digitize thousands of books was painted as a routine part of doing business by Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive, during a speech in Tokyo earlier this week.

  • Google fixes flaw before publicised

    Google has fixed a security vulnerability on its search-engine website within days of being notified by security vendor Finjan Software, Finjan says.

  • Redmond loses bid to block Kai-Fu Lee from working

    In a setback for Microsoft, a defector and high-ranking Google executive will be able to help Google set up a research and development facility in China in the coming months while a case over his hiring comes to trial in January 2006, a judge decided overnight.

  • Microsoft targets Google with developer platform

    Microsoft will try to gain ground on competitors Google and Yahoo by unveiling a new web development platform today on which developers can add new search, mapping and instant-messaging features to online products from the MSN division.

  • Next Google-Microsoft employment ruling coming

    By Tuesday, Kai-Fu Lee should have a clearer idea of what he can and cannot do at his new job with Google over the next few months. That's when a court in Washington state will rule on whether to extend a court order forbidding Lee from working in certain areas, a Microsoft spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

  • Google launches instant messaging service

    Google is again expanding beyond its core search engine and pushing further into web portal territory with the launch yesterday of an instant messaging service with voice communications capabilities.