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  • Auckland DHBs get storage boost from IBM

    HealthAlliance, the organisation that provides the Auckland, Northland, Waitemata and Counties-Manukau District Health Boards with shared services, has announced that it has selected IBM for a $1.6 million storage upgrade.

  • HeathAlliance picks Oracle to minimise cost

    The licence cost was part of the motivation for district health board consortium healthAlliance’s purchase of two Oracle Exadata database machines, says applications planning manager Raymond Lodge-Osborn.
    The Exadata X2-2 models are the first to be utilised locally.

  • Auckland and Northland DHBs to merge: Army CFO appointed CEO

    The three district health boards in Auckland and the Northland district health board are merging into one organisation, to be known as healthAlliance New Zealand Ltd.
    The merger covers healthAlliance, the shared services organisation for the Waitemata and Counties Manukau District Health Boards; the Auckland District Health Board; and the Northland District Health Board. The three entities all have CIOs.
    It is not yet known whether a CIO will be appointed for the new organisation, or what the reporting lines will be for the information services teams.

  • Shared-care pilot proposals for Health IT plan

    HealthAlliance, the consortium of District Health Boards from the north of the country, has begun scoping possible approaches for a national shared care programme by requesting proposals for pilot projects. This will be one element of the National Health IT plan, published earlier this year.

  • HealthAlliance restarts open-source desktop project

    Auckland health shared services unit HealthAlliance has resuscitated efforts to develop a standard desktop based on open-source software, but CIO Phil Brimacombe says it looks as though the District Health Boards will never be able to divorce their desktops entirely from Microsoft.

  • HealthAlliance bids for national shared services role

    Auckland-based health shared services provider HealthAlliance is making a bid to lead the establishment of the national health sector shared services agency, recommended by Tony Ryall’s ministerial review group.