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  • High Court imposes $12 million fine on Telecom

    Telecom faces a $12 million penalty from its conviction in the High Court in October 2009, for having been in breach of section 36 of the Commerce Act. It is the highest penalty imposed under the Commerce Act since it was amended in 2001.

  • High Court: Telecom abused market power in early 2000s

    Telecom says it is “disappointed” with the High Court’s ruling today that it leveraged its position to charge downstream competitors disproportionately high prices for wholesale access to its network between 2001 and 2004.

  • Telecom rules okay

    The word "telecom" is a generic term but New Zealanders so closely associate it with Telecom NZ that Nortel Networks has been prevented from using the trade mark "NT Northern Telecom" for its services business in this country.