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  • Human touch key to open source success

    Despite being distributed across the globe, and communications being largely conducted online, open source projects can benefit immensely from direct human contact, says one of the fathers of Debian Linux.

  • HP swoops on Russian talent

    Hewlett-Packard is recruiting researchers to tackle fundamental problems in information management at a new laboratory in St Petersburg, Russia.

  • HP rejigs software operation, creates BI unit

    In the midst of a company-wide restructuring effort, Hewlett-Packard has taken the next step in an ongoing reorganisation of its software operation. It has established a new unit to bring together its business intelligence and information-management expertise, which is currently spread out across the company.

  • HP closes Mercury buy

    Hewlett-Packard is finally the proud owner of Mercury Interactive, after closing the US$4.5 billion (NZ$6.7 billion) purchase of the ICT management software and services player last week.

  • HP extends its offer for Mercury for third time

    Hoping for a scenario of third time lucky, Hewlett-Packard has again extended the deadline for Mercury Interactive shareholders to approve HP’s US$4.5 billion (NZ$6.7 billion) pending purchase of Mercury.

  • Email tracer used by HP nothing new

    The tracer software that Hewlett-Packard investigators used to try to sniff out boardroom leaks sounded like it had been ripped from the pages of a bad science-fiction novel. That is, until the company began talking about it in detail at a congressional probe into the spying scandal.

  • HP in 7-year Pepsi deal

    HP has signed a seven-year deal with PepsiCo to provide data centre management services for the soda and snack maker’s international division.

  • Survey shows support for boardroom surveillance

    Hewlett-Packard would apparently find plenty of support in the boardrooms at other US companies for its attempts to identify the source who was leaking confidential information to the media.

  • HP snubs own WLANs for Cisco’s

    Hewlett-Packard’s services division has signed a deal to use Cisco’s wireless LAN kit —snubbing HP’s own wireless networking products.