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  • QV dumps HP storage for HDS

    Valuation services company Quotable Value is achieving a 30% improvement in response times for internal applications after replacing its Hewlett-Packard disk arrays with a Hitachi Data Systems modular storage system.

  • HP restructures around customers

    Hewlett-Packard New Zealand has restructured in line with the company’s new global strategy, combining all existing “customer-facing roles” into one unit, the customer solutions group (CSG), under the control of country manager Keith Watson.

  • A perfect match?

    When you’ve been married a few times, by the third or fourth wedding you should know what you’re doing. At least the church, cars, flowers and reception will have been taken care of. HP and Compaq have each been through mergers a number of times now, but as they settle down together is it likely to be a discordant union or corporate bliss? Darren Greenwood asks around the congregation.

  • Services the next battleground

    With the hardware market expected to remain flat, the heavyweight vendors, IBM in particular, are advancing on the IT services field with a gleam in their eyes.

  • Will it be olives for Barry?

    Does an olive farm on Waiheke beckon for former HP chief Barry Hastings? The 49-year-old resigned suddenly last week, citing "personal reasons" and "a lifestyle choice".