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  • How to wipe personal data from cell phones, PCs

    Before you recycle your old computer, cell phone or smart phone, make sure that you wipe it clean of data. If you don't, your personal life could be laid bare. Worse, you could become a victim of identity theft.

  • 8.3 million in US victims of ID theft in 2005

    About 8.3 million U.S. residents — nearly 4% of the nation's population — were victims of identity theft in 2005, but few victims identified computer-related crime as the culprit, according to a US Federal Trade Commission report released Tuesday.

  • Hackers selling IDs for US$14, Symantec says

    Identity thieves are offering a person's credit-card number, date of birth and other sensitive information for as little as US$14 over the internet, says a new report on online threats released this week.

  • FTC: Identity theft remains top consumer complaint

    Identity theft remained top of mind among US consumers last year, but complaints about internet auction fraud dropped noticeably, according to data released by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

  • Botnets and fuzzers make NZ a prime target

    New Zealand is as susceptible to all kinds of cyber attacks as the rest of the world, says Rogan Mallon, principal systems engineer at Symantec New Zealand. This is despite our remote location and low population and is because of our increasing use of broadband.

  • Visa wants merchants to comply with standards

    New research from Visa International has found that even though 66% of New Zealand merchants are concerned about protecting cardholder data, only a third are complying with the international standard for payment security — the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

  • How the FBI collars cybercriminals – discreetly

    Identity theft, hacking for profit, espionage, iPod slurping — the FBI is increasingly focused on helping organisations fight these and other cybercrimes. I asked several agents what they’re seeing in the field and what advice they can offer IT.