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  • IETF looks at IPv6 for home networking

    The Internet Engineering Task Force is considering establishing a working group to smooth some of the impending issues around setting up and maintaining IPv6-based Internet connections into homes.

  • Standards bodies unite to resolve MPLS spat

    The internet's leading standards bodies have joined forces to clarify a set of next-generation network transport specifications that critics warn could cause massive interoperability problems for service providers.

  • Security is the top concern says new IETF chair

    Russ Housley is the first chair of the IETF with a particular expertise in network security. Housley, who runs consulting firm Vigil Security, has been active in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) for nearly 20 years and helped write early email security and public key infrastructure standards. Three months into his job as chair of the leading internet standards body, Housley talked with Computerworld about his strategy for bolting better security onto the freewheeling internet.

  • IETF hums along at 20

    From a notorious striptease by internet pioneer Vint Cerf to a fist-pumping, table-jumping brawl about cryptography policy, the internet's premier standards-setting body has had its share of big moments.