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  • Geographic coverage prompts Fujitsu's Infinity buy

    In the week leading up to the announcement that Fujitsu New Zealand planned to buy Infinity Solutions there had been speculation in the market that Fujitsu had also been talking to other companies, including Eagle Technology.

  • Emerging middleware may bridge networks

    Imagine being able to use cellphones to share data with other phones or mobile devices nearby in a way that could allow you to avoid traffic jams on your way to work — or find the best way out of a burning building.

  • Infinity Solutions doubles profit

    Infinity Solutions has more than doubled its profit in calendar year 2005, to $4.16 million. This compares with $1.9 million in 2004.

  • Infinity doubles half-year profit

    IT supplier and consultant Infinity Solutions is “starting to gain real momentum”, says CEO Stuart Robb. Last week the company reported a near doubling of its half-year profit to $1.2 million for the period ended June 30, compared to $627,000 for the same period last year.