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  • AMD’s advantages over Intel not imaginary

    A reader recently shot me a note saying that after studying some of my work related to Advanced Micro Devices, he has spotted a pattern: I always side with the underdog. This reader crystallised the prevalent viewpoint, one expressed by most of my colleagues, that AMD has achieved its market success by dumb luck, with the “dumb” supplied by Intel. The theory is that Intel discovered too late that NetBurst was, well, everything I’ve always said it is, and hubris born of market domination left Intel without a Plan B.

  • AMD, ATI and Intel – watch the sparks start flying

    From the moment I got the call, I knew there was much more to AMD’s acquisition of ATI than was being reported. My mind immediately leaped to the ramifications the acquisition would have on ATI’s relationship with Intel OEMs. Intel couldn’t be happy about having AMD inside systems that bear Intel’s imprint.

  • WWDC chat in a nutshell

    Following a busy week of hardware and OS announcements from Apple, Macworld Editorial Director Jason Snell and Senior Editor Rob Griffiths spent an hour fielding readers' questions on everything from new Leopard features to the latest Mac Pro information. Here are some highlights from the from their chat session.

  • Apple previews Mac OS X Leopard, Leopard Server

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave Mac developers and the public its first look at Mac OS X v10.5, code-named "Leopard" at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Apple's annual gathering of registered developers. The sixth major version of Mac OS X since its inception, Leopard will ship in spring, 2007, according to Jobs.

  • Apple announces Mac Pro

    Apple has announced the Mac Pro, a new professional desktop computer that replaces its line of Power Mac machines. The Mac Pro completes the company's transition to Intel chips across its line of desktop and laptop machines. The standard Mac Pro configuration is priced at US$2,499 (NZ$4,000), build to order options will be available as well.

  • Vendors ready PCs for new Intel chip

    Several PC vendors have announced new desktop and workstation PCs, following Intel’s launch of its Conroe Core 2 Duo processor last month.

  • The ghost of Netburst still roams at large at Intel

    Intel’s first server-targeted core microarchitecture CPU, the dual-core Xeon Processor 5100 (alias Woodcrest), has made its debut. A client CPU line-branded Core 2 Duo was also launched, so in servers, desktops and notebooks, Pentium 4 (alias Netburst) is officially off the roadmap.

  • Intel launch eclipsed by AMD’s post-Opteron plan

    Intel’s present drumbeat around the forthcoming Core Microarchitecture, multicore technology, and low power utilisation is intended to give it a major PR boost in the CPU battle with AMD. A fresh coat of paint on a retreat to a mobile architecture must have been the best Intel had to bring to the party, because when the party was held at the Spring Processor Forum, in San Jose last month, Intel just stayed away.