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  • IETF hums along at 20

    From a notorious striptease by internet pioneer Vint Cerf to a fist-pumping, table-jumping brawl about cryptography policy, the internet's premier standards-setting body has had its share of big moments.

  • Outage takes out TelstraClear

    A failed switch at TelstraClear’s Auckland facility last week interrupted email, web service and DNS resolution nationwide.

  • Governance still overshadows WSIS

    Internet governance still dominated conversation at the second World Summit on the Information Society, despite being officially off the agenda, says New Zealand representative Ian Thompson.

  • Yellow Tuna bulks up on foreign diet

    Deregulation of telecomms in the UK has proved a bonanza for Auckland network managed services software house Yellow Tuna Networks, which says it is now earning more than 90% of its revenue from overseas.

  • A blurry vision?

    On August 2, right above a story about a new and cheaper generic version of Prozac, The New York Times announced the internet of tomorrow. If the prediction comes true, network managers may be glad Prozac will be getting very cheap in a few months. But, sorry Prozac makers, it will not come true.

  • It's all just semantics really

    Words are funny things. Having carefully made sure I used "criteria" as a plural it took a learned and astute reader to point out I’d used it in the wrong context. I won’t tell you his name because I don’t want to encourage this kind of behaviour in my readers.