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  • IBM: Security threat prevention isn't 'dead' yet!

    There's been much discussion in the security industry that preventing malware-based infiltrations into the enterprise is nigh on impossible, and the new security mantra should be "rapid detection is the new prevention." On that, IBM begs to differ.

  • Juniper announces Firefly Suite for virtual-machine security

    Juniper today announced its Firefly Suite for virtual-machine security, a set of software-based products for VMware and KVM that contain the security and switching capabilities found in Juniper's SRX Series Services Gateway, as well as Junos Space Virtual Director.

  • Gartner security survey: McAfee up, Trend Micro down

    A Gartner report about the security software market shows that No. 2 ranked McAfee enjoyed the most overall growth last year, Trend Micro slipped but stayed No. 3, and Symantec held onto its top spot with 19.6 per cent of the $US19.1 billion market.

  • DHS use of deep packet inspection technology in new net security system raises serious privacy questions

    To protect the federal civilian agencies against cyberthreats, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing to deploy a more powerful version of its EINSTEIN intrusion-detection system that’s supposed to detect attacks and malware, especially associated with e-mail. But since this version of EINSTEIN is acknowledged by DHS to be able to read electronic content, it’s raising privacy concerns.

  • RSA offers Security Analytics as tool for detecting threats

    RSA, the security division of EMC, today announced Security Analytics, its tool for real-time analysis of large amounts of data from security and business information to determine if an organization is being attacked, especially by stealthy threats intent on stealing sensitive information.

  • Evolving security standards a challenge for cloud computing, expert says

    Any enterprise looking to use cloud computing services will also be digging into what laws and regulations might hold in terms of security and privacy of data stored in the cloud. At the Cloud Security Alliance Congress in Orlando this week, discussion centered on two important regulatory frameworks now being put in place in Europe and the U.S.

  • Black Hat: Researcher picks apart Sophos antivirus package

    LAS VEGAS -- A researcher presenting at <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/073111-blackhat-roundup.html">Black Hat</a> picked apart Sophos Antivirus software and found it lacking in several areas that leave it vulnerable to attack or circumvention - something he says might apply to other antivirus vendors' products as well, but he just hasn't looked.

  • First Look: Norton 2012

    Looking to bolster its intrusion-prevention capabilities Symantec today announced the beta versions of its 2012 editions of its consumer-focused Windows-based security products, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security.

  • Can IPS appliances remain useful in a virtual-machine world?

    Intrusion-prevention system (IPS) vendors have not found it easy to recast their appliances for use in the <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2009/122209-outlook-virtualization-security.html">virtual-machine (VM) environment.</a> But now McAfee and Sourcefire claim to have overcome some hurdles, at least with VMware's VM.

  • Healthcare provider prescribes major data-loss prevention program

    New Jersey's single largest healthcare provider, <a href="http://www.saintbarnabas.com/">Saint Barnabas Health Care System,</a> is rolling out a major data-loss prevention (DLP) initiative that will enforce new content-control restrictions on over 10,000 laptops, tablets and desktop PCs used by its medical staff.