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  • Outlook for IT bonus pay murky: survey

    IT pros are divided when it comes to bonus expectations, according to tech jobs site, and most believe company performance determines bonus payouts, not individual performance.

  • Gartner upbeat on Big Data jobs

    The economic picture that Gartner's head of research painted at his firm's recent Symposium/ITxpo conference was upbeat in a surprising way.

  • Killer resumes for techies

    If you have tech skills and experience, odds are you're going to get a call from an IT recruiter in 2012. That's because IT departments are <a href="">ramping up hiring</a> at the same time that more IT professionals are ready to leave behind employers offering flat salaries, limited flexibility and aging technology.

  • Computer science grads fielding 'multiple job offers'

    It's a good time to be a <a href="">computer science major</a>. Job prospects are rosy for today's graduates, who are entering the workforce at a time when tech hiring is on the rise and talent is hard to find.

  • States with the most open tech jobs

    Job site recently compared the number of open tech jobs to the number of computer-related graduates and found that 18 states and Washington, D.C., have fewer graduates than open jobs. In California, the number of open jobs is nearly triple the number of new computer science graduates.

  • IT hiring spree in sight as contractors lead the way

    While the last three months has seen flat IT employment levels, a rise in contractor hiring across Australia has contributed to very early signs of green shoots of recovery in the sector, according to IT recruitment firm Peoplebank.