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  • What's next for Ethernet?

    Internet traffic will quadruple in five years and the number of mobile Internet connections will exceed the world's population by 2017, according to Cisco research.

  • Leap seconds may be terminated: ITU

    Sparking a fresh round of debate over an ongoing issue in time-keeping circles, the International Telecommunications Union is considering eliminating leap seconds from the time scale used by most computer systems, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • ITU plan to stop DoS attacks could end Net anonymity too

    Finding ways to limit DoS attacks and SMS spam by making it harder to spoof the origin of electronic communications is on the agenda at a telecommunications standards meeting this week -- but civil rights advocates worry it could put an end to anonymity on the Internet.

  • Standards bodies unite to resolve MPLS spat

    The internet's leading standards bodies have joined forces to clarify a set of next-generation network transport specifications that critics warn could cause massive interoperability problems for service providers.

  • Orcon plans super-fast DSL

    ISP Orcon wants to go one better than Telecom by moving straight to VDSL2, the second-generation very high data-rate Digital Subscriber Line service, straight-away instead of going with ADSL2+, which Telecom is planning to offer next year.