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  • How Apple and you can improve iCloud security

    Apple's iCloud attack is nothing in comparison with the kind of attacks <strong>every tech firm must prepare for</strong>, as they offer payment and connected solutions for home, health and car. Here's some ways for you to protect yourself and for Apple to improve its own security.

  • Apple reportedly buys domain

    As Apple prepares a cloud-based music service to complement iTunes, what it will be called remains a mystery. But a variety of tech sites are speculating that Apple will go with &quot;iCloud,&quot; based on the rumored purchase of the domain name.
    GigaOm founder Om Malik reports based on an anonymous source that Apple has purchased from the Swedish company Xcerion for $4.5 million.
    The Whois domain name lookup service still shows Xcerion as the owner of, but may simply not have been updated yet. Malik reports that Xcerion was willing to part with because it is rebranding its own service to &quot;CloudMe.&quot; The Whois database does show that is now owned by Xcerion.
    Directing a Web browser to currently redirects you to the CloudMe site, an online file-sharing service.
    Apple is reportedly building a cloud-based music storage service, on the heels of Amazon releasing a music storage and streaming service for Web browsers and Android devices.
    Apple may be late to the game, but given the wide user base of iTunes, iPods, iPhones and iPads, a cloud music service from Apple could quickly eclipse the competition.
    This is all still just rumor, but &quot;If the speculation is true, and Apple has chosen a name for its new service, then we may be seeing Apple's rumored online music storage service soon,&quot; PC World writes. &quot;Perhaps as early as June during the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, as current rumors suggest.&quot;

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