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  • Juniper merges network core elements

    Juniper Networks is developing a massive switch that could replace traditional IP (Internet Protocol) routers in the core of service-provider networks and combine optical and electronic technologies that today exist in separate systems with dedicated staffs.

  • The Juniper QFabric FAQ

    Juniper Networks has introduced its new data center architecture called QFabric, which <a href="">promises improved performance and economy</a>. Here are some questions and answers about the new technology.

  • Juniper aims to ease and speed configuration of virtual gateways

    <a href="">Juniper Networks</a> is introducing a virtual <a href="">security</a> gateway that integrates with its physical security gateway so customers need not configure their security zones twice when working in a mixed physical-virtual environment.

  • Juniper changes course, accelerates IPv6 support

    Juniper Networks is accelerating its plan to support IPv6 on its public-facing website and Web services, following criticism that the router maker was lagging rivals including Cisco Systems and Brocade Networks in this critical area.

  • Canterbury Uni boosts network to 10Gbit/s

    Juniper Networks is overhauling the University of Canterbury&#8217;s network deploying a 10 Gbit/s Ethernet network to provide students high-speed access to video, voice, business and web applications.

  • Juniper opens up Junos

    Juniper Networks has opened up its Junos operating system to third-party developers as part of a swathe of new announcements.